Gas Prices Fall to 12-Year Low Under Trump, Chuck Schumer Says Gas Prices Never go Down!

Chuck Schumer

Speaking about obstructionist DEMs and their anti Trump agenda, as gas prices are at a twelve year low, Senate Minority Leader “Chuck You” Schumer claims gas prices never go down. Speaking of people out of touch with reality, I wonder when was the last time this guy paid for his own gas or if he has the slightest idea how much gas costs. Living in a bubble comes with its own downsides, besides tons of benefits, isn’t it?

Moving along with our news story, gas prices have fallen at their lowest point in more than a decade, with the nationwide price for gallon standing at $2,39, 8 cents down from $2,47 as they were when Donald Trump became POTUS. According to the AAA, but let me quote:

“At $2.23, today’s average national gas price is the cheapest the country has seen all year. On the week, gas prices fell in 46 states. Only Illinois, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C. saw prices increase, albeit by one cent each, while Hawaii and Maine remained flat. South Carolina continues to carry the cheapest gas in the country at $1.90. Today, consumers can find gas for $2.00 or less at one out of every four gas stations in the country.”

However, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has another view about the markets. During a Sunday  appearance on  This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Chuck claimed that gas prices are never going down, citing oligopoly and cartel practices (read Big Oil is bad).

“Gas prices are sticky — you know, when the domestic price goes, uh, when the, uh, price for oil goes up on the markets, it goes right up but it never goes down.How the heck did we let Exxon and Mobil merge?

“The old Adam Smith idea of competition is gone? It’s gone. People hate it when their cable bills, airline fees go up.”

said  Chuck Schumer in his infinite wisdom, yet appearing very confused to real-life facts. Truth be told, Chuck is right, at least in California, where prices are on the up and up due to “liberal” taxation schemes.

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite