George Soros Organizations Will Be Investigated by US State Department

A group of Republican senators led by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) are asking Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (former Exxon Mobil CEO) to launch a probe into George Soros backed organizations.

The investigation will focus on how US taxpayer monies were being used by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the State Department itself to support leftist NGOs and political groups in Eastern European countries, including Albania and Macedonia.

According to Senator Mike Lee, millions of US taxpayer dollars were potentially funneled via United States Agency for International Development to a Soros NGO, the Open Society Foundation respectively. The monies were used further by George Soros to promote his globalist-progressive-open borders-multicultural agenda.

The Republican Senators wrote a  letter to Rex Tillerson saying that they have received certain intel which details how over the past few years the US Mission favored left leaning parties/political groups over others (presumably right/conservative) in Macedonia and it also contributed in shaping the civil society and the media environment for the same purpose, i.e. to favor leftist points of view/policies.

According to the aforementioned letter, all these covert/subversive activities in Macedonia were made possible via USAID funding which went through various NGO’s/entities, such as George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation served as an USAID contractor and it received multiple grant awards (taxpayer monies basically) in the tiny 2,1 million nation of Macedonia, allowing George Soros’s NGO to push his multicultural/progressive agenda and to jump-start the political left.

USAID gave 15 million dollars of US taxpayer money to Soros’ NGOs in Macedonia just in the latest 4 years of Obama’s presidency.

A citizen initiative called Stop Operation Soros released a white paper claiming that USAID money were used by Soros’s NGOs in Macedonia for funding violent riots in the streets (just like it was the case in the United States with Black Lives Matter which received heavy financing from Soros funded/linked groups) and also for publishing the Macedonian version of Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”.