George Soros Pro-Immigration Group Protests at Senator Chuck Schumer’s House (VIDEO)

Identity politics coming back to bite the hand that feeds it. Priceless.

George Soros Pro-Immigration Group Protests at Senator Chuck Schumer

In a perfect illustration of that old saying about biting the hand that feeds you, dozens of illegal immigrants raided Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s house in New York last night. The angry protesters were presumably illegal aliens/DACA/DREAMERs etc. and they were organized by a non governmental group funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, United We Dream respectively.

The angry mob that surrounded Chuck Schumer’s house demanded from the Democrat leader to do something fast about DACA, i.e. to somehow force the US Congress to pass an amnesty bill immediately for DACA “children”, or in other words, to give million of illegal aliens in the US amnesty, and more than that, a path to citizenship. The DREAMERs, which include former President Obama’s illegal DACA/Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, (there’s about 3.6 million DREAMERs in the US currently) were protesting against the Senate vote on Monday, which passed a CR which funds the Federal Government until February 8. The respective Continuing Resolution did not include amnesty nor anything related to immigration.

The protest at Senator Schumer’s house went on all night, with the crowd chanting both in English and Spanish: “If he won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep.” Here’s the video:

Now, if you ask me, lots of people have been waiting in line (with their kids) to enter America legally; why would we reward illegal immigration with anything but a bus ride home-to Mexico!

Illegal aliens are in no position to demand anything from the United States, other than deportation. No other country in the world allows hostile foreign invaders to make demands and then give into them, only the United States. How far we have fallen.

Hey, Senator Schumer, they’re a’knockin’…time to walk your “open border” talk and let them in.