German Chancellor Angela Merkel Attacked with Tomatoes During Rally

angela merkel hit with tomatoes

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel also known as “mother of refugees” was attacked with tomatoes during a Tuesday rally by a number of not-so-happy Germans. Actually, one of the tomatoes scored a direct hit on Merkel as she was speaking in Heidelberg in a southern college town as per Deutsche Presse Agentur.

The German authorities claim that at least 2 tomatoes were thrown at the Chancellor from 2 different places  during her speech. One of the (hopefully rotten) tomatoes hit Angela Merkel in the left hip. Besides the Chancellor, a representative of CDU (Christian Democratic Union, Merkel’s party) was also hit by a tomato.

As DPA reports , Angela Merkel wore the same-identical outfit during a TV appearance hours later. Approximately 3000 Germans attended the rally and the crowd was composed primarily of CDU/Merkel aficionados, yet a number of attendees expressed their disdain with the Chancellor’s suicidal open-borders policies, chanting “liar” and “hypocrite” throughout Merkel’s speech. Defending her decision to open EU and Germany’s borders in 2015, Merkel claimed that, let me quote:

“If we made a mistake, then it wasn’t in taking in people, but rather that we didn’t pay attention to the fact that people in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria didn’t have enough to eat, weren’t getting an education and put themselves into the hands of people smugglers,”

This is not the first time Merkel is getting heckled by crowds during speeches, as the same happened at several campaign events . The German Chancellor is currently trying to secure a 4th term in office for her and CDU in the upcoming September 24th election.

With regard to Merkel’s suicidal open borders policies, let me quote from Sir Winston Churchill:

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Do you remember how Merkel claimed  back in 2016 that immigrants are not a threat but an opportunity for Germany? Well, if that’s true (for construction companies), why do German cities look like this?

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