German Left Parties Want to Give Refugees the Right to Vote in Federal Elections

As unbelievable as it may sound to a normal person, Germany’s left parties are capable of doing anything for winning an election, just like it happened in the US in DEM controlled states where illegals were tacitly allowed to vote in the presidential election and former President Barack Obama even encouraged them to vote, assuring that illegals voting will not have to face any legal repercussions.

Moving back to our story, Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) are led by the former boss of the European Union’s parliament, Martin Schulz respectively. Mr. Schultz has good chances to become Germany’s next chancellor in the upcoming elections, being situated way above the current chancellor Angela Merkel in recent polls.

What’s interesting to know about Martin Schulz is the fact that  he was a hardcore socialist/communist since  his youth, when at 19 he was already serving as Young Socialist chairman.

Bottom line, Germany’s SPD party is the equivalent of US Democrats (or worse), i.e. a heavily left leaning party pro open borders and pro illegal immigration party, and together with another left party, the Greens, they seek to change the German law with regard to voting rights.

Long story short, the hardcore left in Germany actually wants to allow illegal immigrants to vote in Germany’s upcoming Federal elections in September.

It’s important to notice that Germany alone received north of 1 million so-called refugees in the last couple of years. Since there’s no way of knowing exactly how many people entered Germany, as they were basically let in without any type of vetting process, the real figure with regard of illegal immigrants/refugees or whatchamacallit in Germany cannot be known for sure, but the official numbers are way above one million.

Martin Schulz, as SPD’s candidate for the Federal elections in September is the same guy who wants for the European Union to become federalized, and also he would use any means necessary (and anyone other than Germans)  for winning the chancellorship.

63% of the Social Democrats are in favor of allowing refugees to vote in German elections. Can you imagine how far gone these people really are?

The left is totally insane, and they would do absolutely anything to win, even if that means allowing the whole Middle East to enter Germany and obviously, to outnumber the Germans in their own country just for winning an election…