German Mayor Stabbed​ by Man Shouting That He Starves While The City Accepts 200 New Refugees

german mayor stabbed in the neck

A German mayor was stabbed in the neck at a kebab shop by a man who shouted out:

 “You let ME starve but you let 200 refugees into our city.”

This happened in the small German town of Altena and officials believe (like it wasn’t already obvious) that the politically motivated attack was due to the mayor’s pro immigrants stance, as he lobbied to take in even more refugees than it was required by Merkel’s national quota. The unfortunate event took place last Monday. The mayor who welcomed refugess in Altena is Andreas Hollstein and he described during a presser on Tuesday about how he was violently stabbed in the neck and left with a six inch wound. The attack was spontaneous in nature, as in not-premeditated and the attacker was intoxicated with alcohol.

Andreas Hollstein is Chancellor Angela Mutti Merkel’s pet, being well known for his ultra-liberal immigration policies, for which he was awarded by the latter with the  German integration prize. Under his rule, Altena, a 17,000 people town took in 450 “refugees”/asylum seekers. Now, if you ask me, anyone who receives a prize from Angela Merkel has got to be doing the wrong thing.

The thing is, you can’t be a fan of any system that provides a handout to certain people, especially when they aren’t a citizen of that country. All it does is creates tension among the people who struggle to feed their families who were born in that country. If people want to freely come to a country, they must have to naturalize before receiving any assistance.