German Media Crusade Against Trump

In the leading German media, Trump has often been described as ‘threat’

The mainstream media have had a hard time adjusting to the reality of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Just as the dust had finally settled over his election triumph, the allegations of Russian hacking and Trump’s controversial cabinet picks, his first actions as President have caused a new wave of media hysteria.

Trump’s travel ban imposed on citizens of certain Muslim countries earned him the universal rage of the self-righteous mainstream media.

The anti-Trump media hysteria has been the most evident in Germany, whose current political establishment is extremely hostile to Trump.

Der Spiegel took a leading role in the German media crusade against Trump, declaring him as a threat to democracy and Western values.

Spiegel’s cover, depicting Trump with a bloody sword and holding a severed head of Statue of Liberty, has caused criticism.

Yet, Spiegel brushed off all such criticism and went on to justify their claims in another article.

Here is what the author wrote in the defense of the original article attacking Trump:

Ultimately, indifference is deadly. The apathy. The feeling of impotence. And the idle silence that follows. People, including journalists, start thinking they can’t do anything anyway. That proved to be the case in Turkey and Hungary and it has long been the situation in Russia and China as well. Will it also happen in the United States?

So there we have it: Donald Trump, a misogynist and a racist businessman who verifiably made 87 false statements in the course of only five days of the election campaign, is no longer a candidate. He’s sitting in the White House. Here are three insights about this American president who has been in office since Jan. 20.
As it that wasn’t satisfactory, Spiegel continued its crusade against Trump in an article recently published in the online edition of the magazine, titled: Trump as Nero: Europe Must Defend From a Dangerous President.
Aside from the usual claims of Trump as a dangerous renegade to the (quasi) liberal global order, the article stated the need for Germany to step up and lead the anti-Trump coalition.
So far, Germany has viewed its leadership role — at least the leadership understanding of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble — as one that is by all means in opposition to the interests of other European countries.
 At the same time, Germany must build an alliance against Donald Trump, because it otherwise won’t take shape. It is, however, absolutely necessary.
While Spiegel is far from being the only German media leading the anti-Trump campaign, its openly hostile, biased and unprofessional language has all the markings of a heated ideological pamphlet characteristic of the Europe’s authoritarian regimes of the past.
Donald Trump’s open criticism of the EU, Angela Merkel and NATO has earned him nearly unanimous hostility from the EU elites.
For better or worse, Trump will have to endure a tough media battle not only against the entirety of the US mainstream media, but their European counterparts as well.
If he falls in this battle, he will be delegitimized which will pave the road for his eventual removal. Knowing Trump’s personality, it is evident that he will not back away.
Image: Breitbart