German Media Freakout, Blasts President Trump for Nixing Paris Climate Accord

trump climate accord

If you were thinking that only  the American leftist media is totally crazy and corrupt, well, think again. Beheading the POTUS in a so-called art photo is one thing, but the Germans are regarded as calm and polite people.

But when it comes to Donald Trump things, all bets are off. The Donald’s decision to pull the US out of the Paris climate accord has made a lot of leftists in Germany to lose their minds, hence a local newspaper from Berlin (Germany’s capital) called Berliner Kurier published a picture of the President of the United States on its Thursday issue with the caption (translated from German language) : Earth to Trump: Fuck You!

So, now it’s kosher to decapitate and swear at the President of the United States, right?

The thing is, Germany is lucky to even exist after WWII and from what I can see today, it regrets its existence (the Muslim refugee crisis in Europe is owned by Germany).They had a good tourist thing going with plenty of ale and Black Forest clocks to sell. Now they decided to turn their country into Mordor, not the USA.

After WWII, a war started by the Germans hand in hand with the communist Russia by the way, America rebuilt Europe via the Marshall Plan.  America also defended Western Europe from the USSR expansion by forming NATO. Then, America paid far more into the defense of Europe than their own countries did.  Under the Paris climate accord, America was to bear the major expense.

Enough already!  Learn how to take care of yourselves.  The left in Europe are only upset because Daddy is withdrawing their allowance.

So sad the Germans do not get to decide how we spend our money. Deal with it!