Germany Contemplates Introducing Nation-Wide Muslim Holidays

the islamization of Germany

According to Angela Merkel’s interior cabinet minister Thomas De Maizière, Germany is looking at introducing public nation-wide Islamic holidays in the near future. Thomas De Maizière was quoted as saying he’s ready to discuss the issue, and he claimed that such policy would be beneficial in Muslim dominant regions.

Germany’s interior minister Thomas De Maizière, a senior member of Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Party’s (CDU) basically kicked a hornet’s nest on Tuesday, by bringing a highly controversial issue to the public’s attention, when he suggested that public Muslim holidays can be introduced in the country at some point.

It’s true that Thomas De Maizière stopped short of asking for a nation-wide Muslim holiday, yet he claimed that he supports the idea in Muslim dominant regions, or at in least areas with a strong Muslim presence. The German Interior Minister’s comments were reported by  Berliner Morgenpost, a German language newspaper.


“I am ready to discuss whether we can introduce a Muslim holiday. It could very well be done

After all, there are regions in Germany where [the Catholic festival of] All Saints’ Day is celebrated and in other regions where it isn’t. Why can’t one consider [introducing] a Muslim holiday in places where there are many Muslims?

said Germany’s interior minister Thomas De Maizière. This is a hot issue in Germany in recent years, as a number of Muslim groups have already been asking for the recognition of their Islamic holidays. What Germany’s interior minister Thomas De Maizière is suggesting would make for German states or regions with a heavy Muslim population to close state government/municipal offices during the respective public holidays, together with all Muslim schools and shops, non Muslim businesses included, thus honoring Islamic religious festivals.

Even if this idea sounds ridiculous to many, Germany’s interior minister Thomas De Maizière is basically taking Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-borders policy to its logical conclusion. Since Germany received untold numbers of immigrants (at least 2 million) for the last couple of years, mostly from Arabic-Muslim countries, many of the country’s inner city kindergartens and schools saw native Germans/Christians becoming a minority.

Back in 2015, 33 percent of the kids attending German schools were auslanders (foreigners). And that was long before the huge immigrant wave following Angela Merkel’s opening of the country’s borders to illegal welfare shoppers from north Africa and the middle east.