Germany Wants to Impose $53 Million Fines for Hate Posts on Facebook, Twitter

AP reports that Heiko Maas, Germany’s Justice Minister and a member of the left wing Social Democratic Party is proposing massive fines against social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter if they fail to identify and rapidly remove what he sees as illegal content, i.e. defamatory fake news and hate speech.

Heiko Maas proposed for new legislation to be adopted by the German Parliament on Tuesday, in the latest attempt from the left to impose Germany’s draconian laws with regards to free speech and “incitement” on the rest of the free world, and I am talking about the Internet, which was born free and it should remain free.

Germany’s Justice Minister acknowledged that Facebook and Twitter had already made steps in the direction of cracking down on Internet crimes voluntary, as both networks are regularly deleting posts and pictures that are flagged by users.

However, in Heiko Maas’s vision, this is not enough and he cited research papers which claim that only 1% of “illegal” content (as flagged by users) is deleted by Twitter while Facebook stands better with 39%.

Considering the German efficiency, both Facebook and Twitter must achieve 100%. Else, they will  be fined with 50 million Euros or $53 million dollars if the illegal content (as deemed by who? and on what criteria?) fails to be removed from their networks in 7 days flat.

Fake news are also considered illegal content if they constitute defamation, libel or slander which are broad terms and ferreting with words, as basically anything can be deemed libelous and defaming by some STASI holdover working for Facebook, even this article.

Basically, Germany would like to regulate internet 100%, just like communist China does (Facebook is illegal there and so is Twitter), or North Korea where internet is not available unless you’re a Kim Jong un apparatchik.

Or better, they should ban Facebook and Twitter in Germany because free speech is very dangerous to the health of the state, right?

Facebook and Twitter declined to comment on Heiko Maas’s Orwellian proposal, yet both companies insisted that the real rates of removal when it comes to dubious content are higher than the ones cited and they’re taking measures to prevent abuse and filter unwanted content by their users.

Source AP Photo Credit:

Adam Berry