Germany’s Open Borders Policy Blowback: Sharia Police Terrorize Berlin

sharia police

Following the massive influx of unvetted immigrants from Africa and the Middle East from the last couple of years (over 1.2 million) Germany is now facing a number of problems, including Islamic terrorism and random acts of violence against women and sexual minorities (gays). The streets of Berlin, Germany’s capital are now taken over by sharia patrols according to police reports.

The patrols are composed of at least one hundred hard-core Islamists, most of them from Chechnya who are now openly enforcing Islamic law in Germany (sharia=Islamic law). While everyone is focusing on Syrian war-refugees, the actual Syrians are a minute amount of the (at least) 1.2 million immigrants who entered Germany during Angela Merkel’s open border policies.

And Salafists from Chechnya, which is a predominantly Sunni Muslim former USSR satellite are the most dangerous group, as they practice a radical (as in literal) version of Islam. A German social worker interviewed by a Russian paper (Meduza) said about radical Islamists that while they’ve come to Germany seeking a better life and refuge, they keep trying to turn the country into Chechnya as they seek to enforce their medieval ways upon German people instead of adapting to German culture and way of life.

For the hardcore Islamists patrolling German streets, threatening violence against women who don’t comply with Sharia law is regarded  as an act of patriotism. To quote Frankfurt police via Oder:

Everyone’s attention is fixed on the Syrians, but the Chechens are the most dangerous group. We are not paying sufficient attention to this.”

Besides threatening “errant” women, the Sharia patrols also discourage Muslims (especially Chechen migrants) from integrating/assimilating into German society as they basically promote a parallel Islamic way of life, including a legal system (Sharia courts) in Germany. And the German authorities seem totally unprepared and incapable of stopping this phenomenon. The Chechen sharia patrols in Germany even released a video (also reported first by Meduza) warning to their ilk, threatening them that if they fail to comply with Sharia/Islamic law, they’ll be killed.

German local newspapers reported  a number of women and men being brutally attacked by Sharia gangs in recent months, with the Berlin Criminal Police Office launching an official investigation into the matter. The Sharia patrols are linked to a various Salafist mosques in Berlin, Fussilet 33 included, a place that once served as the HQ of the Berlin Caliphate. Fussilet 33 was closed down in February the current year after German authorities found out  the respective mosque sheltered known Islamic terrorists, the likes of Anis Amri (the guy who blew himself up at the Berlin Christmas market). According to official statistics, there are over 60,000 Chechens now living in Germany, but the real number is believed to be much higher. The Federal Audit Office revealed via an internal report that:

“the majority of the unauthorized persons in Germany are Russian citizens of Chechen ethnicity, some of whom have been linked to the Islamic terrorist environment.”

The Chechen community in Germany is firmly entrenched/ghettoized, thus forming a parallel society:

“They have come to Germany because they wanted to live in Germany, but they keep trying to turn it into Chechnya with its medieval ways. This inability and reluctance to integrate is extremely frustrating and typical of all migrants, not just Chechens. The only difference is that most other migrants come from the 20th century, not the times of feudalism.”

via The Gatestone Institute,