Global Warming Research Expedition Cancelled Due to Severe Ice


Do you know that saying, about the best laid plans of mice and men which often go awry? The same seems to be the case with the global warming/climate change (I thought climate always changes, remember the ice ages, the medieval warm period, the Cambrian etc?) narrative, as we just got word about a team of researchers studying “global warming” being forced to postpone their trip to Arctic due to extreme ice conditions.

It seems that God really has a sick sense of humor, and I am referring to an older piece of news about a similar story, i.e. a global warming researcher studying the melting of the Ice Caps/the impact of climate change on the Arctic ending up getting stuck in ice. Two ice-breakers were sent to the rescue but let that go.

Today’s news is about CCGS Amundsen, a state of the art ice breaker that was commissioned by a team of 40 global warming scientists for their trip to the Arctic. However, the ice (it’s summer by the way) proved to be too thick and the CCGS Amundsen was diverted from its original course and started helping fishing boats and ferries navigating the Strait of Belle Isle, which were becoming stuck in the incredibly thick and dense ice.

To no one-s surprise, the expedition leader (David Barber,) blamed the unexpected phenomena  on global warming, as he claimed man-made climate change reduced the thickness of the ice causing it to get loose and float southward. However, the Environment and Climate Change Canada released a contradictory statement:

“Typically there would be very little or no ice left in either of these areas at this time of year, let alone the thick ice pack we are currently seeing off the northeast coast of Newfoundland,”

So, according to the so-called scientist, that thin and mobile ice that traveled so far south was somehow thick enough to stop an ice-breaker in its tracks. Sounds legit.