Google Removes Shopping Search Results for Guns

Google Removes Shopping Search Results for Guns

Google is the biggest corporation in world history and has immense power over a multitude of IT and non IT related industries. Google also owns YouTube and it makes for the world’s biggest search engine, one that can make or break a politician (or an IT engineer for that matter)‘s career on a whim, or at least that’s what they seem to believe. However, judging from its former motto “Don’t be evil”, Google used to pose as a neutral tech behemoth, a gentle giant that is, yet the reality is very different from Google’s PR infused and edulcorated marketing slogans.

With regard to the US Constitution, which clearly asserts that the rights of the people to own and bear guns shall not be infringed, Google is clearly seated on the left side of the force in the gun debate extravaganza, and that’s very easy to verify, provided you’re still naive enough to use Google as your main search engine. Go to the shopping tab and introduce a query including a gun part, a manufacturer or a model. And here’s what happens:

Zero results, yes indeed, as Google basically censors any reference to guns in its shopping search results on a wide range of products (leftist stupidity at work), including things like the band Guns’N’Roses, toy guns, water guns, movies (The Way of the Gun for example) or whatever can burst a snowflake’s safe-space bubble in the aftermath of the Florida shooting. If you go to the shopping section of Google and introduce a query that contains any of the words “gun,” “guns,” “pistol,” “pistols,” “AR-15,” “rifle,” and “revolver,” your search results will fail to return any results.

What’s left to say but one word: DuckDuckGo.

Google is now showing how low IQ their corporate culture is. The laziest most idiotic implementation of censorship I’ve ever seen. And their Product Managers are supposed to be world class!? This is the mindset of the people who work for Google. And even if they back-paddled really fast, claiming it was a technical glitch (!), you should really stop trusting  this search engine.

We are experiencing an error in our Shopping results and we are working to address this issue. We have not changed our policy on the promotion of guns, gun parts or gun components.