GOP Committeeman Executed by Anti Trump Fanatic While His Wife was Watching

According to a report via ABC6  a GOP Committee man named G. Brooks Jennings was murdered by his next-door neighbor Clayton Carter late on Monday night. The execution-style murder was witnessed by the victim’s wife. According to the ABC6 article quoting police officers, Clayton Carter shot his neighbor twice in the headwhile the latter (the victim) was on his own property. Carter  claims the victim threatened his with a knife. Following the murder, he did not call 911 for help, nor rendered aid to his victim.

The hideous murder took place in West Goshen, Chester County, as G. Brooks Jennings’s wife witnessed Clayton Carter standing over her husband as he shoot him in the head twice, execution style, at point blank range.

clayton carter anti trump sign

The 51 year old Clayton Carter has a history of arguments with his neighbors and what’s interesting is that he has a lot of anti-Trump signs “planted” on his lawn. The criminal told police that he got into a dispute with Jennings  after the victim shined a light into his eyes while he was outside or something along these lines, and later on he confronted him. Clayton Carter shot G.Brooks Jennings once in the head with his .380 semi-auto pistol then as he stood over the victim’s body, he shot him again in the head, just to make sure he’s dead. Jennings was on his own property at the time of the shooting.

Speaking about the victim, one neighbor was quoted as saying:

“You don’t want to sound cliche, you see this on TV all the time, but he is probably the nicest, best guy I’ve ever met in my whole life. Really, seriously,”


Carter is currently in Chester County Prison as he has been charged with first degree murder. According to the police, this is not the first time when he entered disputes with his neighbors and he pulled a pistol on G.Brooks Jennings during a previous altercation in the past.

And this story will get zero Mainstream Media coverage. But when a Trump supporter wore a T-shirt with a nasty slogan about Hillary, it was front page news for a month. Furthermore, this is yet another failure of law enforcement. If he pulled a gun earlier the man should have been arrested immediately.