Government Failure: Four Sheriff Deputies Waited Outside School During Florida Shooting

Government Failure Four Sheriff Deputies Waited Outside School During Florida Shooting

According to a CNN report, not one but four Broward County sheriff deputies were on duty at Stoneman Douglas High School while the shooting took place. However, all four of them chose to remain outside during the massacre, instead of rushing inside the school and confronting the shooter. Their failure to act in any meaningful way (to do their job basically) resulted in seventeen kids and teachers killed in cold blood and scores injured and maimed for life.

We learned previously on Thursday from Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel that Stoneman Douglas High School’s resource officer on duty at the time of the shooting, deputy Scott Peterson respectively, never went inside the school, even if it was crystal clear a mass shooting was taking place, for more than four minutes. However, the reality is far worse than that, as per CNN’s new reporting , which claims that there were other 3 sheriff deputies, all armed obviously, who arrived at the scene shortly thereafter, yet they also remained outside, failing to enter/confront the shooter, Nikolas de Jesus Cruz respectively.

The CNN report states that the four sheriff deputies were found taking cover crouched behind their vehicles, with guns drawn, as Coral Spring law enforcement arrived at the scene. However, they did not even try to enter the school and save the children and teachers from being massacred. After a short briefing from the deputies, the Coral Spring police officers entered the school, but it was already too late. What’s very disturbing is that even after reinforcements have arrived, the four sheriff deputies did not dare to follow the rescuers into the school. CNN quoted Coral Spring law enforcement as being stunned and upset at the blatant inaction by the sheriff’s deputies.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Steve Israel openly calls for restrictions to our 2nd Amendment rights, because we’d be better off with his deputies protecting us. Let that sink in. Remember, the police behaved similarly during the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. When it comes to terrorism/mass shootings,  every second you don’t engage is another lost civilian life.

Broward County is made up of primarily Democrats now (the area voted for Hillary in 2016; Israel is a Democrat as well:… ), so no doubt the policies set out by the city commission are pretty progressive, including school policies. If you look at progressive enclaves anywhere in the country, there has been a serious erosion of police abilities and training for real world situations, such as what happened at the school. Progressives live as if what they think ought to be is the real world rather than what really is there; if we just get rid of all the guns everyone will be nice to one another. It’s called Fantasy Island.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)