Great Again: 1.1 Million Fewer Americans on Food Stamps


President Trump is putting America back to work, or so it seems judging from the latest figures available courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA statistics with regard to food stamp/SNAP enrollment show that over 1.1 million Americans have dropped off the SNAP program since President Donald Trump took office back in January.

The participation in the  food-stamps program also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) dropped to 41,496,255 (the most recent data comes from May 2017) compared to 42,691,363 back in January. Basically, the SNAP enrollment figures decreased by 2.79% during President Trumps first 4 months into office.

On average, food stamp participation in 2017 is at almost historic lows, the lowest in 7 years to be precise, and the trend seems to be continuing according to the latest numbers. President Trump’s budget proposal for 2018 includes further cuts to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and it asks for states to match up to twenty percent of FED’s money allocated for the SNAP program. Also, states are encouraged to impose work requirements to able-bodied adults receiving SNAP benefits.

Another thing that contributed to the massive drop in SNAP enrollments is the Trump administration’s  crackdown on illegal immigration. A significant number of both legal and illegal immigrants canceled their food stamps, fearing they might get deported or denied citizenship. Furthermore, regulators are working on Federal legislation aimed at expanding work requirements for people receiving SNAP benefits. For further reference, check out this piece: See What Happens in States Where SNAP Recipients Have to Work.

Funny how when work is required for food stamps or welfare, they no longer “NEED” either of them. Amount of welfare + food stamps / minimum wage = # of hours to be worked – it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.