Great Again: Trade Deficit Down 10%, Illegal Immigration Down 67%

The United States trade deficit was down ten percent in February while illegal immigration shrank 67% in March.

To begin with economics, it now looks like the US economy is doing better than previously believed, growing at a faster pace than expected by many economists and despite the FED’s rate hikes.

Exports rose 0.2% reaching $192,9 billion as per February data while imports declined 1.8% to $236 billion for the same month, according to the Department of Commerce figures.

The US deficit fell to $43,6 billion (seasonally adjusted), which is lower than the WSJ economists’ forecast, i.e. 44,6 billion. The reduction of the US trade deficit was one of the new Trump administration central economic goals.

US exports were boosted by the weaker dollar which made American-made goods more affordable for foreign buyers and by the improving economic conditions world wide.

Bottom line, US exports are 7.2% higher than in 2016 while imports declined, especially when it comes to consumer goods like automobiles and cell phones.

Illegal immigration has also registered record reductions under Donald Trump’s administration, with border apprehensions hitting a 17 years record low in March. The US Customs and Border Protection reported fewer than 12,500 illegals entering the homeland from Mexico, which makes for the lowest monthly figure in 17 years.

So far, illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border is down 67 percent, and that’s before Trump’s big beautiful border wall being constructed.

What a difference a new President makes. Instead of giving lip-service to illegal immigration advocates, Trump means business and the would-be border crossers know it. We have a President who says what he means and means what he says.

Source Alt Photo AP