Great Again: White House to Announce FOXCONN Factory in Wisconsin

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In case you’re not familiar with the issue, Foxconn that is, well, this is a huge Taiwanese-based multinational corporation(also known by its real name Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd),  and one of the biggest in the world (the largest contract electronics manufacturer) in terms of people employed. Also, Foxconn is well known among tech enthusiasts as being the company that manufactures almost every iPhone, iPad and MacBook, along with many, many other brands, gadgets and the whole nine yards.

The good news is that Foxconn, the official Apple supplier is set to announce on Wednesday evening that it will build a brand new factory in Wisconsin. The event will be accompanied by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and obviously by President Trump, because the name of the game is jobs-jobs-jobs and Foxconn means jobs by any metrics. House Speaker Paul Ryan will also attend the announcement, which will take place in DC according to a source. There’s no word about the exact location of the Wisconsin plant, but southwest Wisconsin is a definite possibility.

The new Foxconn factory will produce display panels. It’s not clear if Apple has anything to do with the Wednesday announcement. However, President Trump told the Wall Street Journal during an interview that he discussed with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook about three brand new United States based factories. Apple already created more than one million jobs in the US so far, via its huge network of developers. Another Apple supplier, Corning respectively, announced last week it will invest half a billion dollars and will create one thousand new jobs in the US.