Hamburg Airport Closed and Evacuated After Dozens Injured by Unknown Toxin Spread Through Air Conditioning

Hundreds of passengers were evacuated by fire fighters in Germany at Hamburg airport after more than fifty people were injured by an unknown toxin that was spread most probably via the airport’s air conditioning system.

Due to the evacuation procedures, all flights were halted for several hours and according to the airport’s spokeswoman Karen Stein, most parts of the airport were evacuated and all flights were cancelled at least until 2 PM local time/ 13,00 GMT.


More than fifty people complained of having respiratory problems and burning eyes. German firefighters examined them trying to determine whether they should receive specialized medical attention or not.

The hundreds of people who were evacuated from the airport were forced to wait in sub-zero temperatures, outside the terminals.

Special areas were drawn outside the airport by firefighters and medical personnel were examining the people injured by what was called an unknown toxin.

According to an airport official, a gas leak may be the culprit for the airport closure and massive evacuation procedures.

UPDATE: 68 people were treated by emergency paramedics right at the scene and 9 required specialized treatment at the hospital. A pepper spray cartridge was found in the passenger area according to an official, which may have been discharged into the airport’s air-con system.

Stay tuned for more news, this story is developing.


Source: RT