Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Destroys Bob Mueller’s Investigation

dershowitz destroys mueller

The famous DEM Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz absolutely demolished Bob Mueller’s reputation, as he appeared on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” show on Monday and said that special counsel Mueller has a credibility problem. Considering the source, i.e. a well established liberal-democrat, this is as serious as it gets:

Alan Dershowitz explained:

I’m not a Republican, I’m a Democrat. I think he has a credibility problem. He should have been more careful about who he hired. He should have disclosed he had taken that FBI agent off the case after his messages came out. I think he has a credibility problem on these emails without a warrant. I think he has a credibility problem if he used the dossier in order to get national security wiretaps.

“[Mueller] has been conducting a sloppy investigation, and that’s atypical of him. I’m surprised. When you are going after the president, you have to be Caesar’s wife–you have to be above reproach. You can’t give the other side any ammunition, and he has given the other side plenty of ammunition.”

As a liberal, Dershowitz is showing that he is actually intellectually honest. It’s refreshing to see a Democrat explaining very clearly what is actually happening regarding this issue. I don’t agree with a lot of Professor Dershowitz’s political positions, but he reminds me of a lot of Democrats from yesteryears who were honorable decent people with a different point of view.

I think Alan Dershowitz is trying to emphasize the scope of the independent counsel act and how this “investigation” is outside of any legal precedent. An independent counsel is allowed to be appointed to investigate a specific wrongdoing to determine whether there is probably cause to seek an indictment.

Remember Ken Starr’s investigation into Whitewater? He never began an investigation into the Mena Airport drug running operation, or the many suspicious deaths of Clinton operatives, or the allegations of sexual misconduct. His charge was Whitewater, and that’s what he stuck to. This investigation, by contrast, is now focusing on international business transactions of Donald Trump’s family members and even people remotely related to the White House staff. Who knows what else they are probing into, because it has become a witch hunt, kept alive on a respirator to try to find anything that would damage the Presidency politically, i.e. having nothing to do with criminal indictments. Mueller’s probe into the Russia collusion conspiracy theory has spun way out of control, and needs to be stopped. Congress can do this, but doesn’t have the political will to do so.

If this investigation truly was about Russia, as soon as it was discovered that the Clinton campaign was involved, it should have automatically shifted from Trump to Clinton. Instead they keep going after Trump, while protecting the Clinton’s, Obama and his administration, FBI, Lynch, DOJ and many other Democrats.