Harvey Weinstein, A Tale of Hollywood Corruption

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We’ll begin today’s news story with the announcement that the FBI was ordered by President Trump’s Justice Department to open an investigation on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sex crimes, out of fear he’ll pull a Polanski, i.e. he may leave the US trying to escape the consequences of three decades of sexual abuse.

There were reports about the disgraced Hollywood producer preparing to flee the US for France, thus taking a cue from his long time friend Roman Polanski, a convicted pedophile/rapist who is still free as a bird and gets praised by the Hollywood progressive elite. Also, Harvey Weinstein’s friends in progressive politics and the movie business alike pretend to be stunned at all of these. This isn’t the Harvey Weinstein we knew, they claim in anguished interviews arranged by their publicists, we’re appalled. Except this is exactly the Harvey Weinstein they knew, i.e. the same guy Seth MacFarlane joked about at the academy awards nominee announcements:

When they mock your sleazy behavior on the stage of one of the highest rated shows on TV, it’s not a secret. Seth MacFarlane now claims he heard about Weinstein’s sexual harassment from one of his victims at the time. If Seth knew, so did everyone else, it’s a no-brainer, and now they’re all lying about it. Who’s lying? The list is pretty specific: virtually every A-list actor who once worked for Weinstein, the same people who now say how shocked they are.

They all knew. A couple of them actually called the New York Times back in 2003, on Weinstein’s behalf nota bene, to put the kibosh on an expose on his sexual harassment. They didn’t know the truth back then? Of course they knew, that’s why they moved to block the story.

Also, NBC News had the story about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct months ago, but they didn’t run it. Ronan Farrow, a former NBC anchor originally did the investigation, but they refused to air it, so he went to the New Yorker Magazine, which published it on Tuesday. NBC pretended that Ronan Farrow’s investigation was sloppy, even if it had video-recorded testimonies from eight separate women, plus the NPYD audio tape of Weinstein confessing. Yet NBC cravenly caved to pressure and killed the story.

Remember that NBC is the same company that secretly  gave the Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape to the Washington Post during last year’s presidential campaign. They’re a political shop, not a news organization, so stop pretending, alright?

And there are many other examples, for further reference check this out: It’s Not Just Weinstein — Entertainment Industry Filled With Accused Sex Abusers.

Hollywood protected and legitimized Weinstein and his behavior, with the active help of Democratic party luminaries, like Hillary Clinton or Barack and Michelle Obama. Yet he’s not the only sexual predator to be given a free pass by the left.

Back in 1988, film director Victor Salva videotaped himself as he was molesting a 12 year old boy he was working in a movie of his. Salva was convicted and served time in prison for his deed, then he got back to work in Hollywood, getting a job from the Walt Disney studios to direct the film Powder in 1995, and many others since then, including the Jeepers Creepers horror series. He’s also a member in good standing in the director’s guild of America. It’s obvious that Hollywood and no one in the movie business has any issue with him being a convicted pedophile rapist.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than Hollywood, where nobody is held accountable for their deeds, making for an underground elite-world the police don’t go near. Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan wrote on Wednesday:

“The truth is that Harvey Weinstein was able to get away with what he did for so long because Hollywood, led by two-faced Ms Streep, doesn’t really give a damn about powerful men abusing young women. That’s why they cheer Polanski and still finance and star in his movies.”