Hell Freezes Over! Legacy Media Blames Democrats for Government Shutdown!

shutdown 2018

I know that it may sound hard to believe, but if you’re a conservative who doesn’t care much for the dying mainstream media (as in you don’t read/watch DEM propaganda), the good(and amazing) news is that many of the country’s top-tier publications/media outfits correctly blamed the Democrats for letting the government to shutdown instead of reaching a compromise with the Republicans in the Senate and get over the budget impasse.

Earlier on Saturday morning, Bloomberg went with this headline: “U.S. Shutdown Starts as Senate Democrats Block GOP Funding Plan”, hinting at Democrats in Senate failing to agree with Republicans over a number of budgetary problems. Associated Press and the New York Times ran pretty much the same headlines. However, both parties are still negotiating, with Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney saying on Friday night that there’s a good chance for the issues getting resolved over the weekend.

The Democrats tried to force their “Nihil sine DACA” point of view over the Republicans, who surprisingly (this is the Trump effect in action) refused to bend over and accept the minority party’s strategy to use the government shutdown deadline in order to advance their amnesty agenda.

The thing about DACA and those ‘poor children‘ can be summed up pretty easy: it’s all about votes. The people DEMs are so vigorously defending may have been young when brought here, but they haven’t been “children” for a while now, as basically all of them are voting age adults now. And THAT is the real issue for Democrats. I am 100% sure that if Trump/the GOP said “we’ll amnesty ALL of them but they can never vote”, the Dems would  instantly lose interest, because voting is what it’s really all about.

Another thing that is making the DEMs so rabid about their amnesty push is that Trump has said that the census must return to asking “Are you a citizen?”; remember it was Obama that had that removed. If illegals aren’t counted, it reduces the amount of Federal money for the states, changes voting districts, and reduces the number of representatives in Congress, i.e. Blue states would lose big. Democrats can only counter that by having amnesty for millions of illegals.