Hell Freezes Over: Washington Post Admits That President Trump’s First Year Job Numbers are Very, Very Good!

wapo admits trump economy booming

Even one of the most liberal (as in left-wing in newspeak) publications in the US, like Jeff Bezos’ blog, also known as the Washington Post, cannot spin 2017’s excellent job numbers. After President Trump’s first year in office, the jobs card report looks pretty solid and compared to his predecessor’s (Barry Obama, in case you already forgot the Black Jesus), US’ job growth is not bad at all.

Actually, the situation is so good, that even the Washington Post had to admit it in an article, which says that President Trump earned excellent marks, with 1.8 million jobs created, which makes 2017 the best jobs-creating year since Bill Clinton.

Best one-year jobs numbers since  Bill Clinton, and without Bill Clinton adding federal jobs I may add. President Trump saw a decline of 16 thousand federal jobs after his first year, and that without the tech-revolution during which  Clinton was lucky enough to be President. It’s also funny to see how President Trump had an amazing job number when the media and Obama were selling that we were at full employment during his last year in office.

However, despite the good jobs number, the Washington Post explains that Obama was hit by the global recession at the outset of his presidency, which made his numbers much worse in comparison to Trump’s.

The thing is, according to the U.S. economic agency that tracks the official recession years, the 2007-09 recession ended in March 2009, only two months after Barry Obama took office, so almost his entire 8 years were in a non-recession time frame.

Since the Washington Post and everyone like them used their creative writing skills to spin Barack’s dismal numbers into “growth” and signs of a strong economy, well then, they had no choice but to dabble in reality for a moment or quadruple down on more lying, and selling the lies even harder, to whomever is still brain-washed or “low-information” enough to care about what they say.