Hell in Hamburg as G20 Protests Transform City into a Warzone

hamburg g20 riots

The violent protests continued in Hamburg for the second day as the G20 summit kicked off on Friday. Militant left wing/Antifa anarchists took to the streets rioting and clashing with the police. Security forces used water cannons trying to disperse the furious rioters and more than forty five people were arrested, while almost 150 police officers suffered injuries as they were attacked by the angry mob.

hamburg g20 riots

According to Reuters, more than one thousand radical leftists turned Hamburg’s streets into a veritable war-zone. Angela Merkel was criticized for choosing Hamburg to host the G20 summit, as densely populated urban environments make for the ideal location for rioters to hide and to disperse very easy, while the city itself is a symbol of wealth the extreme left wing detests.

Earlier on Friday, the anti-G20 demonstrators blocked a road in Hamburg while organizing a sit-in protest. German police tried to persuade them to clear the road in a peaceful manner, but in the end they were forced to deploy a water-cannon. The anti capitalist/anti globalist rioters provoked chaos in Hamburg as they blocked a number of streets, set dozens a cars afire and destroyed property.

Anti-riot police responded with baton charges and water cannons trying to mitigate the situation.

hamburg g20 riots

One police helicopter was hit by a flare and Hamburg police requested reinforcements in the aftermath of the clashes which occurred on Thursday night. Baden-Württemberg and Berlin police departments provided 200 extra officers each, which were added to the 20,000 already deployed in Hamburg for security detail during the G20 summit.  A number of cars were set on fire in Hamburg’s Altona suburb, police vehicles were vandalized and private property destroyed for absolutely no reason.

Hamburg looks like a warzone, with plumes of smoke rising above the city, while locals were advised to stay away from affected areas.