Hell in Hamburg as G20 Protests Turn Violent

g20 welcome to hell

The Welcome to Hell protest which took place on Thursday against the G20 summit in Hamburg (which will be attended by President Trump by the way) gathered approximately 100,000 left wing-anti capitalist demonstrators. The protest devolved rapidly into a violent riot, in good left-wing tradition, with the so-called demonstrators clashing with German police on the streets of the city for hours.

The demonstration started relatively peacefully, yet for no apparent reason, the crowd turned violent.

The riot police used tear gas and water cannons trying to mitigate the chaos provoked by the hooded and masked anti-capitalist thugs who fought with police by throwing fireworks, bottles, stones and various other projectiles. Following the violence, the demonstration’s organizers called off the protest. However, thousands of violent activists remained on the streets confronting the police.

According to police figures, out of the 100,000 demonstrators, about 8000 were causing violence. 20,000 German police officers were deployed with armored vehicles and riot gear for monitoring/controlling the demonstration.

On Friday, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel will host the G20 summit in Hamburg, with the POTUS being among attendees, along with leaders of the world’s 20 richest nations.  The main event during the G20 gathering on Friday will be President Trump’s first official/face to face meeting with Vladimir Putin.

However, hardcore German Antifa operatives chose to take their grievances to street in order to protest the G20 summit by chanting anti capitalistic and anti-globalist slogans and hurling bottles and stones. At least 76 police officers were injured during the violent protests. As a fun factoid about German preparedness, almost 20,000 security personnel were on standby, together with surveillance drones, armored vehicles and helicopters.

The violence began when some of the protesters were asked by police to remove their masks. As they refused and started pelting police officers with stones and bottles, the German authorities decided to separate the masked/violent rioters from the rest, then chaos ensued.

One demonstrator told AFP:

“War, climate change, exploitation are the result of the capitalist system that the G20 stands for and which 20,000 police are here to defend, “

Do these protesters even know what they are protesting yet? Nothing but regurgitated Occupy/Black Lives Matter/anarchist drivel. Just to be clear, there are riots at every G20 meeting, and have been for many years. The Antifa are not there protesting Trump anymore than they were protesting Obama. They just protest western civilization.