Henry Kissinger: Russians Are Hacking America

Kissinger believes that America is also doing some hacking in Russia


Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state, has no doubt about Russia’s involvement in hacking in the United States.

I an interview with CBS News, Kissinger said that “probably every intelligence service is hacking in the territory of other countries.” He is hoping that the Obama administration has a plan to retaliate against Russian hacking.

“I don’t doubt that the Russians are hacking us,” Kissinger said “Face the Nation” program that aired Sunday on CBS. “And I hope we”re doing some hacking there.”

“Everybody has a hacking capability. And probably every intelligence service is hacking in the territory of other countries,” Kissinger, who was a secretary of state under President Richard Nixon, told CBC. “But who exactly does what? That would be a very sensitive piece of information. But it’s very difficult to communicate about it. Because nobody wants to admit the scope of what they’re doing.”

Talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kissinger said Putin is “is a man with a great sense of connection, an inward connection, to Russian history as he sees it.”

According to the U.S. intelligence agencies, Putin is directly involved in the recent hacks to the 2016 presidential election. The Russian President, per intelligence sources, gave direct approval for the hacks.

Putin “is a cold calculator of the Russian national interest, as he conceives it, and which he believes, probably correctly, has some very unique features,” the former secretary of state said.

Kissinger added that “the question of Russian identity is very crucial” for Putin Russia “has lost about 300 years of its history” after the collapse of communism.

In addition, the former secretary of state also praised President-elect Donald Trump, calling him “a phenomenon that foreign countries haven’t seen.”

In response to a question about Trump’s future foreign policy vision, Kissinger believes that Trump has a very different approach compared with Barack Obama. “But he’s raised a number of issues that I think are important, very important. And if they’re addressed properly, could lead to good — great results.”