Here Are the Most Unhinged Reactions After President Trump Pulls US Out of Paris Accord

donald trump paris accord

Even if the Paris climate accord is nothing more than a symbolic gesture (as in non binding, not a treaty etc), is makes for former president Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy together with other excellent pieces of legislation, like ACA or Obamacare. And President Trump is working hard at dismantling Barry’ legacy, as per his campaign promises, because after all, that’s why he was put into office in the first place.

Obviously, President Trump living up to his campaign promises made a lot of people on the left (media + establishment) very angry and here are some of the dumbest reactions following his June 1st historic decision.

Tom Steyer, who is known as a DEM super-donor and obviously, has a lot to lose from Trump’s decision of pulling America out of the green-scheme as he is an  investor in a lot of green-tech companies (ahem), blasted  the POTUS for, let me quote the deplorable:

“committing a traitorous act of war against the American people.”

Barack Obama’s right hand and one of the climate deal main negotiators, John Kerry ladies and gents, has said about the POTUS that he’s not going to help the forgotten/flyover America he vowed to elevate, but instead, guess what: he will make their kids sick with asthma. I think they’ve put something in his drugs.

The famous civil-rights orientated organization ACLU made a truly bizarre claim on Thursday, about US leaving the Paris climate deal makes for, let me quote:

 “a massive step back for racial justice and an assault on communities of color across the U.S.”

Why, because the guy who implemented the Paris accord over the US Constitution by skipping Congress was half black?

Very Fake News CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria, a guy who looks like a lizard posing as a human alien upped the crazy ante a notch higher, by telling Jake Tapper that, let me quote:

“this will be the day that the United States resigned as the leader of the free world.”

Tech billionaire Elon Musk, a guy who made billions by piggybacking green schemes (subsidies from the US gummint that is) and runs a number of companies that depend on the crazy notion that carbon dioxide will destroy our planet someday, departed presidential councils, because you know, climate change is real. We all know that climate change is real, weather changes, it’s just not anthropogenic in nature.

Former president (how sweet that sounds) Barry made a doom and gloom prediction, breaking (again) with the centuries old tradition of refraining from smacking his successor, claiming that he knows for a fact what the future holds now for America, and that the US, let me quote Barry:

joins a handful of nations that reject the future.

Obama really believes in a low-carbon world of the future that spews wealth upon fellow travelers, errr…believers. The future ain’t what it used to be Barry, that’s how life is.

I remember back in the 1970’s when we were warned of “The Coming Ice Age.” We were to be up to our keisters in ice by 1990’s. It never happened and some of the same people pushing that BS are still pushing Climate Change even after the change over from “The Coming Ice Age” to a second , failed , it’s coming for sure,Global Warming.That didn’t happen either. Now it’s Climate Change.

fake news

I think climate activists are the ones that have said “to hell with science.” Science is not a democracy. Because a group of non-scientists agree on something does not make it a scientific fact. And to quote one comedian: “When scientists can tell what the weather will be like tomorrow, then I may start listening to what they say about the weather 50 years from now.”… Covfefe indeed!

To understand the fanatical reaction from left-wingers and progressive globalists, we must discern that the climate change hysteria is like a religion to them, and they’re every bit as fascist in pushing its observance and compliance on the rest of the world as global jihadists for Islam.

This is no overstatement. Global warming and melting polar ice caps are their (current) doomsday apocalypse that they seek to avoid. Their prophets and apostles are schemers such as Obama, Gore, Musk, Kerry, and other globalist politicians and tech moguls profiting from taxpayers monies.

Their angels are MSM messengers. Now they will await another false messiah to come along and rule us pesky polluters with a rod of iron- or, at least, a big green stick. And just like any religion, there are many mountebanks in it for profit and their livelihoods, dependent upon governments taking it from taxpayers.