Here’s Google/YouTube’s Hateful and Petty Thanksgiving Video for America

google youtube thanksgiving

This is the biggest company in the world and here’s what they’re promoting, disgraceful. This has been going on for years in our public schooling. The indoctrination of your children is happening at a frightening level. These kids in the video are typical examples of how successful this indoctrination has been.

To begin with, there are no “native” Americans. The first humans in America all came from Asia.

That said, the Indian tribes of the Americas made constant war on each other. They slaughtered entire villages, raped women, and took slaves. They took body parts as trophies, including ears, heads, and scalps. Central American tribes performed human sacrifices on living captured enemies. They had their own methods of torture and slow deaths that rivaled anything the Europeans did.

The concept of peaceful “native” Americans is a big lie and huge myth taught by frauds on the left.

The native Americans seem worse than average, but that is because Europe was relatively civilized from about 2,000 years ago thanks to the Romans. Native Americans would have to be compared to European barbarians from the early Roman or pre-Roman era. Life was very brutal for all indigenous tribes throughout the world. Genocide was common when one group would get the upper hand, in addition to the general slaughter, torture and rapes.

The idea that indigenous people were or are some sort of noble, nature loving mystics is absurd. But of course, liberals lap that kind of pablum up, because it gives them another club to beat European males over the head with.

The myth of the noble native American is hogwash. They were genocidal savages who practiced slavery and tortured and killed men, women and children of anyone who wasn’t in the same tribe.

This hate America crap is really becoming quite boring.

However, YouTube and Google aren’t the only vile propaganda machines that are working to undermine this society. Your PBS stations have stopped even pretending to document history in any realistic fashion. They simply make up lies to fit their political agenda. They’re now nothing more than liars and shills. Sickening!

The history of the world is replete with mass migrations of people around the globe. The native Americans were, for the most part, a warrior people. The Sioux conquered a huge territory by ruthlessly fighting and dislodging other tribes from these areas. This happened all over North America before the white man came. What happened in America was inevitable.

More technologically advanced civilizations moved in on those less advanced. The results were both good and bad. Both good and bad people died. This is the way it has been for millenia. We have a group of people now who want to divide us according to race, ethnicity, sex, etc. when, in the eternal scheme of things, what really matters is how each of us lives as an individual before God.

The one thing that always leaves me shaking my head whenever I hear these so called “Native American” groups whining about how the European settlers “stole” their land and wiped out their heritage is the thought of if it had not been European settlers and had it not been at the time that they did, then whom would it have been and when?

The world was changing, people were becoming more mobile and had the ability ( with large modern ships ) to go vast distances in search of new lands to discover new territories and resources. This was inevitable. It was going to happen sooner or later regardless. What, are you gonna tell me that if it had not been the settlers at that time, then still today what we know as The United States of America would still be wilderness with tribes of Indians living in Tepees?

Kinda reminds me of the meme that shows a painting of Europe two thousand years ago with majestic columns, spires, art etc and the photo next to it showing Africa TODAY with mud huts that look the same that they probably did two thousand years ago with no advancements.

Anyone that thinks if the European settlers had not came here when they did that there would be some kind of magical utopian existence with people living along rivers and streams hunting beaver, deer, fox and raising corn living in teepees has lost their ever loving mind! Oh, and eating each other (not all tribes, but some).