Here’s How the Mainstream Media Was Forced to Cover Trump Tax Plan Benefits (VIDEO)

media forced to cover trump tax plan

Here’s a video compilation for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of the “Very Fake News” channel, depicting how the left wing corporate mainstream media, also known as Fake News to use the POTUS parlance, was literally forced to cover the benefits of the tax reform proposed by President Trump:

While the left is continuing with their pedaling of misinformation, i.e. that the recently passed tax cut bill is actually aimed at benefiting Bernie Sanders’ (who by the way is a one percenter himself) millionaires and billionaires aka “the rich”, as opposed to helping the “poor”, the mainstream media was forced to acknowledge the actual benefits the average American taxpayer will receive.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the big companies/corporations don’t pay the official tax rate anyway. That’s why the so-called loopholes have to be closed for Big Business and for all those fake charities-like Gates and Buffet- that avoid paying taxes and funnel the money into fake philanthropy and think-tanks, whose only purpose is to subsidize various people/organizations to subvert the government. Hopefully Trump can close these loopholes with a presidential order.

The losers of Trump’s tax cut bill are going to be the likes of New York, New Jersey and California, where state taxes are already through the roof and you won’t be able to write off your tiny portion of it anymore. This doesn’t make the Republicans look bad actually, i.e.  now most “liberals” will certainly realize how bad their sanctuary state has been raping their wallets. Those states have more wealthy people per neighborhood, which means they don’t get that little break anymore. This is more than a tax cut, but an eye opener for those that reside in a state that has no interest in helping them out.

What’s really sad is that most leftists would rather see Trump fail than to see the country succeed.  People should be able to see now that the DEMs could care less about the people or what the people want or what’s good for the country. They are only concerned about opposing Trump, screwing the public for their own gain and imposing their communist agenda.