Here’s What the MSM Doesn’t Tell You About DEMS Threatening With Shutting Down Government over DACA

government shutdown daca

I remember the government shutdown in 2013 like it was yesterday: McDonald’s private army seized my land and conscripted my family to fight the KFC Burger King coalition. Joke aside, here’s the deal.

Let’s look at 2013 and what happened.

Short term non-essential employees didn’t have to work. They still got paid, just not on time. So in private sector terms, they got extra vacation time without immediate money. They did get paid but it was after the shut down ended.  By the way, does anyone remember how the shut down ended?

Mitch McConnell went into a closed room with the Democrats. When they left the room, Mitch stated he was voting against the shutdown but not before he scored a 2.9 billion dollar grant for a dam in KY.  Some call it politics, I call it a bribe.  Please keep that fact in mind when you hear Mitch Mcconnell speak.

Either way Long-term

The next election the GOP picked up seats in the house and the Senate even though the media reported the GOP was going to lose big due to the shutdown. The Democrats know that the GOP picked these seats up and think they will do the same and more considering that it’s a mid-term election. Which is why they are hell bent to shut it down.

The problem with that thinking is the Democrats are going to shut down the government over the children of illegal immigrants. That is a huge GOP wet dream come true as illegal immigration is a big issue so they will allow the Democrats to shut down the government.  The GOP may be soulless to want to deport children. Children whose only sin is being birthed by an illegal immigrant.

The Democrats are evil because their policies created these DACA children issue, that they are going to stand on, in hopes to regain power.  My only concern is: what will Trump do if he gets a super majority in the Senate?  The media is saying the GOP will lose over this but the media has been too biased far too long to see things objectively.