Here’s Why the Left Hates President Trump’s Tax Cut Bill

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

In case you did not notice, the Democrats and the corporate mainstream media (with the exception of Fox News) really hate President Trump’s tax cut bill he signed yesterday into law, and here are some facts about that piece of legislation you’re probably not aware of. The bill is actually called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and it was passed in Congress/signed into law by the POTUS on Friday.

Here are the facts the MSM doesn’t want Americans to know:

-the corporate tax has been dramatically lowered from the former 35 percent to 21 percent, which makes America competitive again compared to the rest of industrialized nations, including China. Several big businesses already announced bonuses and wage hikes for their employees following the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act becoming law of the land.

-another massive improvement in the new bill is that every income bracket will benefit from tax relief, with the middle class receiving the largest cuts; this is contrary to what the left wing mainstream media is claiming, i.e. that Trump’s tax reform is “for the rich”. Obviously, the wealthy will also benefit, because after all, they pay most of the taxes.

-Americans will no longer be forced to purchase Obamacare/healthcare insurance starting from 2019 because the new bill repeals the Obamacare Mandate.

-standard tax deductions were doubled from $6.350 to $12.000 for individuals and from $12,000 to $24,000 for married couples, i.e. tax relief for the middle class

-following the tax cuts, according to the Tax Foundation, America’s gross domestic product (GDP) will increase long term, thus boosting wages.

The Tax Policy Center has an online tax calculator where you can actually see if you will save money or not.  Don’t accept anyone’s opinion on this, go see for yourself. It depends on your circumstances.