Here’s Why the Republicans Lost in Virginia

virginia elections

The left wing mainstream media claims that Tuesday’s elections were a massacre for the GOP in Virginia and born again Democrats now hope to take over Congress in the mid term elections next year. Moreover, there are numerous claims regarding Democrats sweeping blue states as a setback for President Trump and his #maga agenda.

Basically, these predictable victories in New Jersey and Virginia are now spun as a setback for Trump’s base. However, both Virginia and New Jersey are blue as the deep blue sky, making for DEM strongholds and Donald Trump lost both states back in 2016. This is Hillary country.

The truth is, the Democrats and their mainstream media mouthpieces are actually celebrating the fact they’re still relevant in their home states, as in they have not disappeared completely just yet; as if another Democrat governor in an already blue state would make for a setback for Donald Trump.

Yet, Tuesday’s night DEM win in Virginia was pretty massive, to say the least. Initially, it looked to be a close race between the favorite, Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie. Instead, Gillespie got massacred, as he lost by 9 points.

Here demographics come into play. Back in 2009, when GOP representative Bob McDonnell destroyed his DEM opponent, 78 percent of Virginia’s electorate was white. In 2017, the figure dropped to 67%. Virginia’s rapidly changing demographics play a key role in DEM’s ascension to power.

Besides race demographics, Northern Virginia is 80% establishment, big Government employees and military contractors, who all lean left. Long story short, Virginia is a suburb of the DC swamp. They are all lobbyists and lazy government workers who want more government. Means nothing, Trump didn’t even win VA for this reason.

By the way, Donald Trump lost VA by 5 points, while Gillespie who played both sides did way worse, go figure:

In a multi-racial society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. And you saw that yesterday in Virginia. The failing N.Y. Times even admitted that the Democrats’ hopes resided in getting the non-whites to vote racially.