Historic: President Trump Nixes Paris Climate “Treaty” (VIDEO)

trump global warning

To begin with, the so called “Paris Climate Treaty” is not a treaty, but a lot of fancy talk written on miles of silk paper. In case you’re wondering why, well, that means you don’t know your Constitution. For the Paris Climate Whatever to become a treaty, it must be ratified by the US Senate with a 2 thirds majority. Which never happened (it was never discussed in Congress by the way) and it will never happen.

Now, June 1 is a historic day, but one that will live in infamy for all the globalists out there and their new international economic order sycophants, as President Donald Trump rejected their plan aimed at sinking what’s left of America’s economy.

By using fake climate science which has become a dogma in the last 15 years, and a fake “scientific consensus”, the globalists tried to impose the Paris Climate Deal over most of the Western countries. If implemented, it would have end up in America’s final death rattle, because cutting carbon emissions means cutting energy production, as most of our dirt-cheap energy comes from so-called unclean sources, like oil, coal and gas.

And President Trump just stuck a big shiny dagger in their scheme. Another fact to take into account is that there’s nothing binding about the Paris Climate “Treaty”, and I mean absolutely nothing. Obviously, President Trump is now going to catch a brand new version of Hell for squashing the globalist golden goose, but if enough people in America and around the world finally comprehend the true implication of his actions, and stand by the President, well, we might very well win.
Don’t get me wrong: regardless of what the MSM is telling you, the development of new methods and techniques for producing (cleaner) energy is still ongoing and will actually quicken in a growing economic climate. In the process, the USA will still blaze a trail in clean energy and the eventual retooling of civilization in favor of sustainability, to be good stewards of the environment.