Hollywood in Meltdown Over Trump’s “Muslim” Ban

Journalists Cry Over Trump Refugee Executive Action


Neither Hollywood nor the mainstream media are taking the news of President Donald Trump’s executive actions halting admission of immigrants/refugees from 7 predominantly Muslim nations very well.

Many of them, both so-called journalists and Hollywood actors have taken their grievances to social media, their favorite place lately for expressing outrage over The Donald’s actions, completely forgetting that former (lord and savior) President Barack Hussein Obama did the exact same thing with regard to Iraqi refugees in 2011 for 6 months in a row.

Hollywood is absolutely fuming with the Motion Picture Academy issuing a statement on Saturday, calling President Donald Trump’s actions to be extremely troubling and noting that a former Oscar winning film director Asghar Farhadi  “could” (as in maybe, maybe not) be barred from entering US due to his country of origin which happens to be…Iran.

According to various clueless people from Hollywood who live under the impression that their political opinions matter just because they’re celebrities, Trump’s executive actions are against the law (check out the linked article at the bottom for a number of seriously deranged Tweets).

Which is a blatant lie of course, but when dealing with liberals, snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors, feelings and emotions are excellent substitutes for arguments.

Tech industry is also fretting over future immigration changes, including Facebook and other Silicon Valley tech companies. Many tech giants have relied for years on a steady stream of highly skilled and underpaid engineers from overseas for creating their products.

The US white-collar work force was hit hard in this regard, while Trump’s latest series of executive orders hints of future actions on visa programs (like the H-1B) for foreign workers.

Obviously, the tech billionaires (Microsoft, Intel, Google) in Silicon Valley are not very happy, as their industry relies heavily on the steady flow of cheap labor,including highly skilled workers from outside US which again, are happy to work for less money compared to their American counterparts.

Source: The Wrap, NYT

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