How Low Will They Go?

kathy griffin donald turmp

A so called comedian I’ve never heard of (though I don’t watch the lobotomy box very often), Kathy Griffin respectively, was seen holding up Donald Trump’s severed and bloodied head for photographer Tyler Shields. If that’s what passes for comedy nowadays, what can I say? The anti-trumpers just reached a new low, and this time, the record will be pretty hard to beat.

Obviously, such a low level of “art” was described by many, even people on the left and by no means Donald Trump aficionados, as vile and wrong. Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton was among the first to slam the so called comedian for the respective photo. Chelsea was quoted as saying:

Kathy Griffin also  joked that she will be forced to leave the country after her latest stunt. However, since the deplorable photo hit the “interwebz”, many called for her arrest and prosecution, as the so called comedy-act was perceived as a direct threat (or instigation to violence) towards the POTUS.

Kathy Griffin had the nerve to say that she “obviously” does not encourage violence, as she was just mocking Donald Trump.

Dr J wrote on Twitter with regard to the washed up comedian’s latest stunt:

‘You’re disgusting. Honor our military but dishonor our President and Commander in Chief? You’d behead our President? Hypocrite.’

While Donald Trump Jr twitted:

‘Disgusting but not surprising.This is the left today. They consider this acceptable. Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?’

Here’s the US Secret Service response:


The thing is, if a white male conservative had done this a year or two ago and was holding a “head” that looked like Hillary or Barry, that man would already be in jail and facing terrorist threat charges at a bare minimum.

We the people need to stop watching the lobotomy box (TV) and going to the movies. It’s a waste of time and nothing but left wing propaganda on almost every show/movie you watch. There’s no such thing as plain old entertainment anymore. Screw them and all their advertisers. Learn a foreign language, learn how to play an instrument, or chess, or how to paint, draw build cabinets, anything at all and let these idiots preach to each other in their own left wing bubble.