Huffington Post Removes Article Admitting Trump Was Right About Sweden

Huffington Post reached a new low today even for a liberal mouthpiece, as they were caught on act deleting an article from their website,  an article which acknowledged that President Trump was right about Sweden’s migrant problem.

The article’s title was  “Trump is Absolutely Right About Sweden,” and it was written by an author/HuffPo contributor from Norway, Rene Zografos respectively. The Norwegian contributor wrote the article on Wednesday, emphasizing Sweden’s huge problems to quote exactly, due to the country’s ultra liberal immigration policy.

The now deleted article said:

“It’s well known for Scandinavians and other Europeans that liberal immigration comes with drugs, rapes, gang wars, robbery and violence. Additional to that we see the respective nations cultures fading away, for good and for bad.”


The author described how, in a matter of hours after President Donald Trump’s speech condemning the problems created by the huge wave of unvetted immigrants in Germany and Sweden, let’s quote Zografos himself:

“there was a riot of violence and destructions by immigrants in the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm. “he police was forced to shoot with ammunition to put and end to it. In Malmö, another city south in Sweden they have struggle with gang violence and lawlessness for years. So when Trump talk about that Sweden have an immigration problem he is actually spot on.”


The Norwegian contributor went on further explaining how the European Union is facing yuuge problems both currently and in the near future, all of them stemming from the reckless immigration policy of its leaders.

Zografos wrote:

“UK, France and several other European countries are changing rapidly with extreme quantity of immigration. I’m not saying immigration is only bad, but a lot of problems come with poor immigration policy, as consequences we get violence, terror and gangs,”

The article condemned both politicians and the European mainstream/corporate media, accusing them of failing to report the basic truth and for ignoring or downplaying the enormous problems due to liberal immigration policies.

Many on social media were flabbergasted seeing the ultra left-wing Huffington Post having the nerve to publish such a blasphemous article.

However, the explanation is that maybe it was those darn’ ruskies again, hacking Huffington Post and publishing a conservative opinion piece, hence the delete, right?

But then again, HuffPo has a history with deleting comments and throwing articles down the memory hole, in 1984 tradition. Let’s remember how they deleted an article which was discussing Hillary Clinton’s health problems: