Human Trafficking Nightmare: 9 Illegals Baked to Death in WALMART Parking Lot

9 illegals baked san antonio

At least nine illegal immigrants were found dead in a tractor trailer parked outside a Walmart in the close vicinity of San Antonio, Texas. A  store employee called the police after he saw a strange man getting out of a tractor trailer in a Walmart parking and asked him for water.

After providing the disoriented man with the water requested, the respective employee called the police. Nine illegal immigrants were found dead inside the 18-wheeler and scores of others are still struggling for their lives. The thing is, the respective tractor trailer was left to bake in the midsummer Texas heat, during what was called by San Antonio police as an illegal immigrant smuggling attempt which horrifically failed.

The alleged driver was immediately arrested, whilst 20 illegals found inside the tractor trailer were hospitalized, presenting dire symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration. The San Antonio Police Chief William McManus described the situation as a horrific tragedy and deplored the human trafficking criminals who do not care for the welfare of their “customers”. The victims inside the 18-wheeler were “very hot to touch”, as they were left inside to bake in scorching heat without any type of water.

The San Antonio police did not mention whether the tractor trailer was locked up upon their arrival, yet they mentioned it had no working AC system. After questioning the survivors, it emerged that over 100 illegal immigrants were crammed inside the 18-wheeler, but San Antonio officials reported 39 found inside when the rescuers/police arrived at the scene. It appears the rest managed to hitch rides or have escaped. However, it seems unusual for truck drivers to carry illegals across the border. The truck driver identified as James Mathew Bradley Jr., 60, of Clearwater, Florida is currently under arrest and facing prosecution. The truck is registered in Iowa to Pyle Transportation Inc. of Schaller. The temperature in San Antonio (a city 150 miles from the Mexican border) reached 101 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday.

Trump was right about building the wall. It would only save lives. Also, travelling illegally in the US via smugglers in this time of the year is not the best idea. It appears that the illegal immigrants were actually free to move around, but they preferred to stay inside the truck, i.e. to be successfully illegal in the US than successfully alive.

Photo Darren Abate / European Pressphoto Agency