Hungarian PM, Victor Orban, Accuses Soros of Undermining His Country

Hungary’s Euro-skeptic PM blasted Soros and the EU in his state of the union address

Victor Orban, Hungary’s combative Prime Minister is at frequent disagreements with Brussels and is one of the leading figures of the European right. Orban has recently threatened to throw out Soros funded NGO’s out of Hungary.

Orban lashed out against his left-wing opponents, liberal media and international human rights organizations, claiming they had created a ‘worldwide network’ to deliver hundreds of thousands of migrants into Europe.

“The former government of the US and the governments in Brussels and Berlin have ensured that immigrants cannot be stopped, but we have done so,” Orbán told his audience. Under Orban’s government, Hungary has taken a hard-line stance on immigration.

The country has erected a fence on its southern border with Serbia, aimed to stop the migrants from pouring into Hungary from the Balkan route. However, Orban’s other actions have earned him the hostility of mainstream European political elites, who see him as right-wing populist.

In his recent address, Orban claimed that Soros is working to undermine Hungary and secretly influence country’s politics. The PM said that groups receiving funding from Soros need to be made transparent.

Large-bodied predators are swimming here in the waters. This is the trans-border empire of George Soros, with tons of money and international heavy artillery

It is causing trouble … that they are trying secretly and with foreign money to influence Hungarian politics.

Orbán said.

Soros, who was born in Hungary and lived in Budapest, initially enjoyed a good relationship with Orban, who received a Soros-funded scholarship. One of the few EU leaders who openly defied Brussels, Orban said that the voters are at war ‘with Brussels bureaucrats’.

Since the start of his second term in 2010, Orban evicted the IMF from Hungary, decided to tax multinational corporations and foreign banks, and likened the EU to authoritarian systems of the past.

Steering his country away from Brussels, Orban was also one of the European leaders who did not hesitate to welcome Vladimir Putin and sign strategic agreements with Russia, in the time when the EU imposed sanctions on Moscow because of the Ukrainian crisis.

Several EU officials have criticized Orban’s policies as ‘dangerous’, and his domestic opponents accused him of authoritarian government and curbing media freedoms.

According to Orban, Hungary’s main task in 2017 would be defending itself against five major “attacks” including Brussels’ plan to force Hungary to roll back its public utility fee cuts scheme, and migration.

Source: Express

Image: Euractiv