ICE Chief Wrecks The 9th Circuit for Causing Surge In Illegal Immigration

ICE Chief Wrecks The 9th Circuit for Causing Surge In Illegal Immigration

Mr. Thomas Homan is the acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, and during an interview with the Washington Examiner , he partly blamed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (also known as the 9th circus for their deplorable record of being overturned by the Supreme Court) for the recent surge in illegal immigration. His argument was that the the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent decisions opposing President Trump’s executive orders regarding border enforcement/immigration created a friendly legal environment to foreign aliens.

Mr. Thomas Homan has said during the Wednesday interview that the 9th Circus’ decisions are suggesting illegal immigrants they will benefit from favorable treatment in its jurisdiction, basically encouraging illegal border crossings:

“I think the uptick right now is on the family units, especially the family units and the UACs. And that uptick is because of the loopholes in the system and some of the decisions by the 9th Circuit. When you get a recent court decision saying you can only detain a family for so many days, when there’s constant repeals and temporary restraining orders, people seeing the administration getting their hands tied, they see it as an opportunity.”

The 9th Circuit has become a national security threat by facilitating foreign invasion, endangering everyone who crosses the border, and everyone who is charged with enforcing the law, including ICE and the Border Patrol.

The 9th Circuit’s job is to rule on the constitutionality of the cases before it, but their decisions have been overturned by the Supreme Court more than 75% of the time. If they are unable to make decisions that conform to the Constitution in 3 out of 4 cases, they are either ignorant of the Constitution’s provisions or are deliberately undermining it. In either case, they need to be replaced.

Judicial appointments including the Supreme Court are the precise reason many voted for President Trump. What the POTUS has been able to accomplish in his first year in office has gone far beyond many people’s hopes and expectations. The administration should start by ignoring these judges. They have no jurisdiction over immigration policy. Then proceed to impeachments, removal from the bench and loss of pension . They should also be disbarred, and subject to being personally criminally and civilly liable for crimes committed by people they ruled could stay. The same should apply to officials in sanctuary cities and states.

It would not take more than one or two to put a complete stop to judicial tyranny and sanctuary cities.