Illegal Aliens Are Being Redistributed Across the US on Private Flights Paid by Taxpayers

Illegal Aliens Are Being Redistributed Across the US on Private Flights Paid by Taxpayers

According to a recent report courtesy of Judicial Watch, the “Catch and Release” program created under former President Barack Obama is still alive and kicking. The thing about the “Catch and Release” being still in effect across the United States is that illegal aliens are relocated all over the country on private flights, yet the flights are paid by US taxpayer dollars. The story goes something like this: illegal aliens have been seen escorted/under supervision of various government officials while boarding commercial flights headed to Utah and Minnesota from cities near the southern border.

The illegals are the first to board the planes, i.e. ahead of the “regular” passengers. The latest reports arrived from Tucson, Arizona and Texas this past week, where illegals were seen boarding planes. Former president Barack Hussein Obama was famous for redistributing illegal immigrants across the United States during the night, both by air and bus.

The latest intel about the Catch and Release program was disclosed to Judicial Watch (a non profit organization) by high ranking DHS officials. Here’s a quote:

In the last few days alone, groups of illegal aliens boarded planes at airports in Texas and Arizona accompanied by a taxpayer-funded government escort in civilian clothes to avoid drawing attention. The first flight originated at Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas and was bound for Minneapolis. The second left from Tucson International Airport and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, federal sources said. In both locations the illegal aliens appeared to be in their late teens and were escorted by a Health and Human Services (HHS) chaperone. Judicial Watch reached out to HHS for comment but did not hear back from the agency.

The illegal aliens wear red HHS wrist bands and receive “the gold glove treatment,” according to a veteran federal official, who added that the undocumented immigrants get priority boarding ahead of all other passengers, including law enforcement personnel. “It is shameful and dangerous,” said a seasoned Homeland Security agent with direct knowledge of the secret operations. Labor personnel from front-line Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies have complained about the cost and security risk of flying illegal alien minors to any destination of their choosing within the U.S., according to a longtime Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official present at the meetings. One of the closed-door meetings, late last year, included President Donald Trump and his chief of staff, John Kelly.

It appears that the Trump administration has chosen to ignore the concerns of rank-and-file federal agents, instead opting to quietly extend the controversial Obama-era policy that relocates illegal immigrants to unsuspecting communities nationwide.

The reason for this head-spinning policy dating from the Obama-era still being in place is that Obama’s people, the holdovers so to speak are still running government agencies. And besides getting free airplane rides on taxpayers money, the illegal aliens will continue to receive welfare, subsidized by the same American taxpayer in the form of free medical care, food stamps, section 8 housing and so forth and so on.

The most depressing thing is that it’s happening under Trump’s watch, and I’m sure he can put a stop to it, but for some reason (maybe he doesn’t know?) he doesn’t.  The president can issue an executive order ending catch and release, and if any employee in DHS or HHS refuses, then they will be promptly fired and he can then unilaterally appoint somebody as a temporary replacement until Congress makes a final and official appointment.

Enough excuses.

I would be a lot more confident about our future as a nation if Trump filled his administration with people who believe in the agenda we voted on instead of people who try to undermine it. Miller seems to be the only voice left.

Via Judicial Watch