Illegal Aliens Block Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (VIDEO)

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City was blocked briefly on Thursday morning by 4 protesters, including illegal immigrant adults with temporary DACA protection.

In other words:  We came to your country illegally, mooched off your welfare and education system, and now we rain on your parade… because you know, you owe us!

The 4 protesters wearing red shirts were rapidly removed by law enforcement officials after they blocked the parade by sitting down in the middle of the street (they were just arrested, not detained, nor deported, just kidding). The four members of the #resistance protested President Trump’s efforts to reverse Barack Obama’s unconstitutional DACA program for illegal immigrants who managed to enter the United States as children, and they were joined by a number of supporters on the sidewalk who chanted “undocumented and unafraid”. Well, you should be afraid, ICE is coming for you.

DACA was enacted via executive order by the former POTUS from Honolulu after the Congress refused to grant illegal aliens amnesty. Thursday’s protest was organized by Seed Project, which is a pro amnesty group that never met an illegal immigrant they didn’t like.

illegals interrupt macy's thanksgiving parade 1