In Response to Islamic Terrorism, the EU Pushes More Gun Control

EU To Further Disarm Its Already Defenseless Citizens Because Of Truck Terror Attack?


One may think that globalists are losing their minds, as they initially advocated for an open borders policy in the European Union, then million of impossible-to-vet “refugees” poured in, then a huge crime wave followed in Germany, Sweden, France et al, then terror attacks happened, then…gun control?

Let’s be clear about it: the EU refugee crisis did not appear in a vacuum, despite the fact that it was blamed on the Syrian civil war currently raging in the country. The millions of people seeking asylum in the EU were not all from Syria, but maybe 20% of them (the bulk are from Somalia, Tunisia, Nigeria,Afghanistan etc), not to mention that they were invited, the “gates” so to speak were open for them and they were let in without any vetting process. Even ISIS boasted repeatedly that they have infiltrated hundreds of Islamic terrorists in the EU, waiting for a signal to attack.

Migrant Handbooks were found by a Sky News reporter in Greek’s Lesbos island, written in Arabic and they were given to itinerants crossing the Mediterranean by a group called “Welcome to the EU”, which was later found to be financed by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

The Merkel Plan (Angela Merkel is the current German Chancellor dubbed as the “mother of refugees” by the media) was created by the European Stability Initiative, proposing for Germany to grant asylum to more than half a million of “Syrian” refugees. The European Stability Initiative’s chairman is a senior member of the Open Society Foundations, Gerald Knaus respectively.

Now, in the wake of terror attacks following the EU’s crazy open-border policies, the 28 nations in the European Union have agreed  to implement an almost complete ban on semi-autos (rifles) as a necessary step in reducing…terror attacks and to also tighten gun control laws by banning high capacity guns.

The gun control debate in the European Union, where owning a gun is very difficult compared to the US, not to mention obtaining a carry permit, which is almost impossible to get for the average Joe, started in the wake of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks at Bataclan, where Islamic extremists murdered over 130 people in a  gay-frequented night club, using AK 47s. Obviously, those weapons were illegal then and they’re illegal now, but that did not stop terrorists, which are far from being law abiding citizens.

The idea is that criminals don’t obey gun control laws or any type of laws by that matter. That’s why they’re criminals after all, obviously, an easy concept to comprehend, except if you’re an EU bureaucrat.

Today’s EU Comission’s agreement includes, let me quote:

“a ban on automatic firearms transformed into semi-automatic firearms, the inclusion of collectors and museums in the scope of the directive, the regulation of alarm and acoustic weapons, the regulation of Internet sales, the regulation of deactivated weapons and more exchange of information between Member States.

“The Commission had proposed a greater level of ambition with a complete ban of the most dangerous semi-automatic firearms, including all semi-automatic firearms of the AK47 or AR15 families and a ban of assault weapons for private collectors,

The Commission also regrets that the magazine size was not limited to 10 rounds for all semi-automatic firearms. Of course we would have liked to go further, but I am confident that the current agreement represents a milestone in gun control in the EU.

This agreement provides for tighter controls which will help prevent the acquisition of firearms by terrorist and criminal organizations”


If this sounds stupid to you, as it does for me, it’s because it is very stupid. The EU “komissars” have not decided just yet if they plan to ban private ownership of trucks and cars, in order to prevent terror attacks similar to the ones happened in Berlin or Nice.

Source: Reuters