India Offers Free Breast Implants to Poor

Finally a country that has its priorities in order. Gives new meaning to the term ‘welfare tit’

India Offers Free Breast Implants to Poor

Speaking of state subsidized healthcare and leftist policies, India’s health minister was quoted as saying on Friday that poor people have a right (it seems everything is becoming a “right” these days) to look beautiful, on taxpayer’s dime that is, hence thousands of women residing in India’s Tamil Nandu state are now eligible for “free” cosmetic breast surgery. Tamil Nandu is a southern Indian state, which has a history of populist schemes.

Previously to the free breast implants scheme, Tamil Nandu residents benefited from free (there’s no free ride, always remember that folks) bicycles, goats,canteens and laptops, among other stuff. Now, basically all women in Tamil Nandu will be offered cosmetic surgery for “free”, but those coming from the poorest sections of the society will be prioritized,as state health minister C. Vijayabaskar told AFP:

“If a poor woman desires to look beautiful, we will support her financially. Whether they require medical procedures or beauty treatment, it will be free”

Even if Tamil Nandu is a relatively rich state by India’s standards, many believe that the Indian government is wasting taxpayers’ money on cosmetic surgery, instead of addressing more important issues, including treating serious ailments, like life saving surgery and similar medical procedures. While breast augmentation has become the latest rage in India lately, the respective procedure costs upward of $3,000 in private hospitals, a sum which for most Indians represents a full year’s wage. The free-breast-cosmetic-surgery program was launched in Tamil Nandu on Wednesday at a (obviously) state-run clinic in Chennai, and the scheme will be soon expanded in other districts. The head of the state run clinic, V. Ramadevi respectively, has told AFP that poor Indian women want cosmetic surgery as they, let me quote:  “face psychological issues that may severely impact their lives.”

“Their career, (their) marriage are derailed because they are taunted and their confidence is shattered”

she added.

So obviously India no longer needs the $180 million in foreign aid the US gives them if they have money for free boob-jobs. Now, speaking of redistributing wealth schemes, hat about spending the taxpayers’ money on essential services, such as safe water and sanitation, whose lack thereof is plaguing India, a country with more than a billion people? Also, there are hundreds of millions of destitute people in India, and cosmetic breast surgery is the way the government spends taxpayer money? Insane.

Seventy-percent of the Indian population practices open defecation in the streets or elsewhere. See Wikipedia “open defecation”. It is a practice endorsed by Hinduism. Perhaps the money should go to education, enforcement and privies to eliminate (pun intended) this disgusting practice.

Welfare of any kind is simply a bribe for votes that as an added bonus make self righteous middle class taxpayers feel good about themselves too. This is just an extreme example of the same problem we have in the United States.