Infowars’ Alex Jones: President Trump is Being Drugged by Traitors in the White House!

alex jones donald trump

The iconic host of InfoWars, Alex Jones respectively, seems to believe that President Donald Trump is a prisoner of his own entourage in the White House, as he’s being drugged by alleged traitors in his administration. The end game of the traitors, among which he mentioned General Kelly, is to render the POTUS incapable of serving the American people as anything more than a puppet, or something along these lines.

Quoting Roger Stone, who is a well-known political operative who served under Nixon and also a 40 year old friend and confidant of President Trump, the POTUS is increasingly isolated, even from his own family. And this mischievous deed is performed by “deep state operatives” who are poisoning President Trump’s food and drinks with “sedatives” in order to make him more complacent, disoriented and pliable, according to “multiple White House sources”.

The ultimate political insider Roger Stone claims to have been talked to people close to Trump, who’ve noticed the President’s drug-related symptoms, i.e. sleepiness and slurred speech over the past several months, which according to Stone are shockingly similar to changes displayed by former presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy, both of whom are claimed to have been sedated.

Roger Stone noticed that President Trump, who was known as a real-life Energizer bunny due to his 18 hour work-days during the 2016 election,despite his relatively advanced age, is now predicted by the establishment media to suffer soon from cognitive issues, real or induced.

“The president does not drink, the president most certainly does not do drugs. The president is a sharp as a tack. I have now heard, not from one but two different sources, that he seemed disoriented and was slurring his speech in conversations.”

To me this is a tip-off that he may be medicated. Is [Chief of Staff] Gen. Kelly above this? No.”

Another troubling development in Roger Stone’s view was General Kelly pressuring Trump’s life-long bodyguard Keith Schiller to resign from the WH staff, due to the latter’s intense preoccupation with the POTUS’ well-being:

“With a loyalist like Schiller no longer standing next to the president, incapacitating him would be relatively easy,”