Intel Chair Says No Evidence of Collusion Between Trump and Russia

According to a Sunday statement from the chairman of a US congressional committee, there’s absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump and his campaign team have colluded with Russia during the 2016 election.

This is not the first time when high officials in the intelligence community are throwing cold water on the mainstream media led circus claiming that President Trump is involved in a Russia conspiracy and so on and so forth.

Intelligence officials like Obama’s former CIA chief Michael Morell said recently that:download film Life 2017

“On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire at all. There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it.”

Former president Barack Obama’s DNI chief James Clapper told Meet the Press very recently that during his tenure (he left of January 20th 2017 nota bene) he saw absolutely no proof to support the widely circulated claims in the MSM of a Trump-Russia conspiracy.  James Clapper was very clear, as he said unequivocally:

“We had no evidence of such collusion,”

And now we have House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes who confirms during a Sunday interview on Fox News that there’s no evidence of know the drill, right?

However, there was one crime discovered by the committee during the probe, and it’s not what you’re probably thinking about. No, Donald Trump doesn’t like matrioska nor drinks vodka.

The crime being committed is the leaking of former NSA Michael Flynn’s conversation with the Russian ambassador, which led to his resignation from Donald Trump’s administration, after ridiculous accusations and wild speculations by the mainstream media.

US Representative Devin Nunes’s statement comes just a day prior to FBI’s director James Comey appearance before a House of Intelligence Panel which will seek answers about President Donald Trump’s alleged Russia ties and his controversial accusations of wiretapping by former president Barack Obama.