Intel Report Claims North Korea Capable of Nuking Mainland US

North Korea nuke

According to a “confidential” CIA assessment, the rogue regime in North Korea has everything required (technologically speaking) to nuke the United States. The Central Intelligence Agency analyzed Pyongyang’s re-entry vehicles following the country’s latest ICBM tests and it concluded that according to empirical evidence, that crazy fat kid now has the means to successfully carry out a nuke-strike on the mainland United States.

The “confidential” CIA report was leaked to The Diplomat by an anonymous source with the now-proverbial direct knowledge of the respective assessment, which in layman’s terms means a CIA operative leaking classified information to the press. The CIA analysis claims that despite the North Korean re-entry vehicle failing during tests, that was due to its lofted trajectory, which created great amounts of stress. However, on a regular ICBM launch targeting continental US, which translates into a minimum energy trajectory, the current technology used by North Korea would  be successful on re-entry.

Until now, it was widely believed that North Korea is not capable of producing a working ICBM and even less a miniaturized nuke head. The argument was the hermit kingdom’s failed attempts of developing a functional re-entry vehicle. However, the latest tests on North Korea’s part using a Hwasong-14 ICBM baffled the intelligence community and scientists alike, showing that downplaying the Pyongyang’s threats is no longer an option, as continental United States is now within striking distance. Moreover, according to leading experts from the Defense Intelligence Agency, the rogue communist regime of North Korea has developed the technical means for mounting nuclear warheads on its ICBMs.

According to the same guys who told us about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, North Korea now has “everything it needs” to nuke mainland US, except for a reason. What possible gain would North Korea get by attacking the US? Kim Jong-un may be crazy (according to the MSM, I don’t buy it), but I doubt he is suicidal. He may be just smart enough to understand that the US does not attack countries that might have the ability to actually bite back. Basically, he learned his lesson from Iraq, Libya (the ousting of Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein) et al, i.e. there’s no regime change in nuclear armed countries.

The real question is what does the military-industrial complex have to gain from a war with North Korea? Or, from the appearance of a war, to quote from Wag the Dog?