Intelligence Briefing Request for The Electoral College Nullified

Electors Will Not Receive Intelligence Briefing Regarding the Alleged Russian Hacking

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Bad news for the “Never Trump” movement, as the Electoral College will not receive an intelligence briefing prior to casting their votes on Monday, according to an NPR tweet. There were 53 Democrat electors and 1 Republican who had signed a letter requesting an intelligence briefing regarding the alleged Russian influence over the 2016 presidential elections.

NPR said via Twitter on Sunday that according to their sources, the intelligence briefing requested by 54 electors led into battle by Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi(House Minority Leader)’s daughter, was nullified.



In the beginning there were only ten electors who put their names on the respective letter and the number of electors supporting their request grew to 54, of which only one was a Republican, Chris Suprun of Texas respectively. Chris Suprun was also the sole faithless Republican elector who declared publicly that he will not support President elect Donald J Trump in Monday’s vote in the Electoral College.

The original letter requesting an intelligence briefing about the alleged meddling in the US election process by the Russian government was signed by Chris Suprun, Christine Pelosi, Bev Hollingworth, Anita Bonds, Dudley Dudley, Michael Baca, Clay Pell, Terie Norelli, Courtney Watson and Carol Shea Porter.

After Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral College in very clear manner, managing to gain just 232 electors vs Donald Trump’s 306, the left started accusing anything and everything for their failure, ranging from fake news to Russians hacking, but never themselves and their policies.

The last meme circulated by Hillary’s campaign via their mainstream media outlets was that Vladimir Putin personally helped Donald Trump to win the election, an accusation vigorously rejected by The Donald. Also, there was absolutely no proof for the respective claim, only hear say and weasel wording.



said Donald Trump a few days ago via Twitter, adding:


Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder stated very clearly that it wasn’t the Ruskies behind the leaked DNC/Hillary Clinton emails, despite the CIA/FBI/Barack Obama’s claims, which were all alleging it was their Cold War enemy behind the hacking, which truth be told included devastating information about Democratic Party’s key leaders, information that was never denied by the culprits.

Source: NPR, Twitter