Intruder at White House, Man With Backpack Arrested Outside Trump Residence


A fence jumper was arrested earlier on Friday night, at about 11 38 PM after he scaled a fence and managed to breach White House’s perimeter, according to a Secret Service statement released on Saturday.

The intruder was arrested by the Secret Service and according to the report, he was carrying a backpack. Obviously, the security forces searched the backpack, but they’ve found no weapons nor any hazardous materials.

Donald Trump was in the White House at the time of the breach. The individual is still under arrest but he wasn’t identified by the Secret Service who also conducted a search of the White House complex in the aftermath of the incident, yet nothing relevant was found on the premises.

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was informed about the incident. The Secret Service did not provide any further intel on the intruder’s status. However, these incidents are usually taken care of by the local police departments after the perpetrators are handed over to them by the Secret Service.

CNN confirmed that President Trump was made aware of the incident at the time while the White House was placed by the Secret Service under Code Orange (no pun intended with regard to the President’s hair I hope) which represents one of the highest levels of security.

There were quite a few trespassing incidents in the past but this one marks the first with President Trump into office.

One may say that the intruder was just testing the fence, which will probably be erected with 5 extra feet or more in the near future. I am just kidding, of course, but let’s hope the guy doesn’t get waterboarded.

Source: CNN