Is DEM’s Obsession With Donald Trump Hurting the Party?

donald trump

You bet it does! And that’s not us, but the opinion of top Democratic leaders who have gathered earlier on Tuesday to talk about their party’s obsession with The Donald. During the conference, a stark warning was delivered to DEM operatives and the order of the day seems to be something along the lines of: “Democrats should try to do more than criticize (as in obsesses over) President Trump 24/7 and to do more than just talk.”

And judging from their own speeches at the Democratic Party’s 1st major cattle-call for the current year, this task sounds like mission impossible. Just 24 hours after WaPo’s claim that the POTUS revealed classified intel to Russian officials, hopeful 2020 DEM presidential candidates and top party-officials gathered and tried to find the sweet spot between explaining to their voters what do they have to offer (as in the Democratic Party’s agenda and vision for the future) and bashing President Trump for basically everything, i.e. how much ice cream he eats with his chocolate pie and all that jazz.

The DEMs assembled in DC on Tuesday at the Ideas Conference which was hosted by Center for American Progress, a left-wing (as in liberal to use the parlance of our times) think tank sponsored by the likes of George Soros and his ilk.

During the “happening”, the DEM top dogs tried to explain their future plans for rebuilding the party, as many of their moderate voters are apparently sick and tired with their obsessive-compulsive anti Trump agenda. It seems that DEM voters are expecting something more tangible than pure hatred for the 2018 midterm election. In Center for American Progress president’s immortal words (pun intended):

“Donald Trump represents a kind of core threat to democracy in some fundamental ways, with firing the FBI director or sharing allies’ intelligence with Russians,These are not minor disputes, they’re big assaults on democratic norms. So public servants needs to step up and protect our democracy.

We have to be called on to walk and chew gum. As leaders we need to criticize trump but we need to provide the alternative.”

There’s only one problem: the new face of the Democratic party wears a hoodie and a mask and it destroys any type of speech that it doesn’t like, while it resists to any elected official that’s deemed unworthy by the PC crowd. The shame in it all is they don’t see how vile they have become.

Even if the DNC were to magically drop all Anti-Trump resistance talking points and work with the President like it’s a normal day at the office, they’re still saddled with the outside groups that the DNC unofficially piggybacks  for votes (Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Code Pink, etc.).Not to mention rich liberal comedic shills like Maher and Colbert who resort to tasteless, classless humor against Trump and the base that only hurts the Democrats at election time.