ISIS Asks French Muslims To Launch Terror Attacks on Election Day

Rumiyah’ Magazine

Election Day in France comes with terror fears and with experts warning about security concerns at one of the country’s most iconic tourist destinations, the Eiffel tower. To begin with, the nice guys from Islamic State or ISIS called French Muslims to perform terrorist attacks on Election Day (Sunday) and to at least try to kill one of the candidates.

If I were a betting person, my money would go for Le Pen running high on ISIS’ hit list and not so much for the globalist/pro open borders Macron, but let that one go. I bet you did not know it, but ISIS actually has  its own publication, a magazine of sorts (and probably a PR budget) called Rumiyah’ Magazine.

The magazine calls for ISIS fan-base in France to try and kill a candidate and to burn polling stations. In case you think this is a bad joke or something completely irrelevant, consider this little known fact: France is the country with the biggest muslim population in Europe, something like 7.5% muslims, but the true figure is hard to determine exactly in the aftermath of the recent refugee crisis that brought millions of unvetted immigrants in the EU, not to mention the incompetence and opaque bureaucracy which uses political correctness for clouding the real numbers and so on and so forth.

Now, according to a Pew poll among young French muslims, 42% of them support suicide bombings and have sympathy for the Islamic State. And the same dire situation can be found in the UK, Germany, Sweden and other European countries with a significant muslim population. Let that sink in real good.

The Rumiyah’ Magazine teaches muslims in France that participating in the country’s electoral process is basically idolatry, as Islam doesn’t condone democracy (it’s against it actually) and good muslims should destroy idol worshipers, i.e. people voting in the presidential elections, proving one more time that Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization.


Source Foreign Desk News